What to Wear for Your Outdoor Adventure

If you’re one of those who play hard outdoors, you know that sometimes, the challenge is how to dress comfortably for the occasion. While first in my list would be a first response tech like a keychain multi tool, there are host of other things that I bring with me. For one thing, I never forget to take with me a decent water bottle. After that, I focus more on the clothing that I will wear for the occasion.

Here’s the thing, temperatures below 55 degrees Fahrenheit is cold enough to cause hypothermia and proper outfit is your only protection from. You have to remember that you can sweat even in cold conditions and sweat removes heat from your body, dropping your temperature. The key here is comfort. If you manage what you wear and your temperature while enjoying your activity, you will be fine.

Choosing the Right Layer of Clothing

Choosing the right first layer base is crucial particularly in Winter season. It must be able to wick moisture from your body and keep you warm enough. In the Spring, it’s good to have a mid-weight clothing like long-sleeves and a zip neck for a little ventilation.

For day journeys or shorter workout routines, whilst you want to head mild, choose one piece of outerwear that breathes thoroughly and cuts wind. Waterproofing isn’t essential (except you assume sustained rain or snow), so go along with a extra-breathable tender shell (typically 10 to twelve oz.) or a ventilated, ultralight wind shell (approximately four oz., but much less breathable than a gentle shell).

Avoid using denim because it soaks water like a thirsty land. You will be soaking wet before you know it, and cold and wet is not a good combination outdoors. Always aim to stay dry and comfortable at all cost.

On multi-day trips, whilst you’re probably carrying a water-proof-breathable shell, select a mid-weight, insulating middle layer, like a fleece pullover or vest, that’s warm enough for moving in cold wind however breathes properly so that you don’t overheat.

Pull at the rain shell for robust wind or when your exertion level drops, say, while strolling downhill. Consider putting on some knee protection as you can easily slip and injure your knees in this activity.

Choosing the right garment on an outdoor adventure is the key to enjoying your activity while staying safe. You have to remember that you need to be protected from the elements at all times.

Being comfortable and snuggled up is not impossible even when you’re outdoor. The idea is to be prepared and plan what kind of clothing you will need while outside the comfort of your home. Try the tips given above and you can’t go wrong.

Have you tried being outdoor lately? What did you wear? Would you like to share you experience in the comment section below?