What to Wear for Your Outdoor Adventure

If you’re one of those who play hard outdoors, you know that sometimes, the challenge is how to dress comfortably for the occasion. While first in my list would be a first response tech like a keychain multi tool, there are host of other things that I bring with me. For one thing, I never forget to take with me a decent water bottle. After that, I focus more on the clothing that I will wear for the occasion.

Here’s the thing, temperatures below 55 degrees Fahrenheit is cold enough to cause hypothermia and proper outfit is your only protection from. You have to remember that you can sweat even in cold conditions and sweat removes heat from your body, dropping your temperature. The key here is comfort. If you manage what you wear and your temperature while enjoying your activity, you will be fine.

Choosing the Right Layer of Clothing

Choosing the right first layer base is crucial particularly in Winter season. It must be able to wick moisture from your body and keep you warm enough. In the Spring, it’s good to have a mid-weight clothing like long-sleeves and a zip neck for a little ventilation.

For day journeys or shorter workout routines, whilst you want to head mild, choose one piece of outerwear that breathes thoroughly and cuts wind. Waterproofing isn’t essential (except you assume sustained rain or snow), so go along with a extra-breathable tender shell (typically 10 to twelve oz.) or a ventilated, ultralight wind shell (approximately four oz., but much less breathable than a gentle shell).

Avoid using denim because it soaks water like a thirsty land. You will be soaking wet before you know it, and cold and wet is not a good combination outdoors. Always aim to stay dry and comfortable at all cost.

On multi-day trips, whilst you’re probably carrying a water-proof-breathable shell, select a mid-weight, insulating middle layer, like a fleece pullover or vest, that’s warm enough for moving in cold wind however breathes properly so that you don’t overheat.

Pull at the rain shell for robust wind or when your exertion level drops, say, while strolling downhill. Consider putting on some knee protection as you can easily slip and injure your knees in this activity.

Choosing the right garment on an outdoor adventure is the key to enjoying your activity while staying safe. You have to remember that you need to be protected from the elements at all times.

Being comfortable and snuggled up is not impossible even when you’re outdoor. The idea is to be prepared and plan what kind of clothing you will need while outside the comfort of your home. Try the tips given above and you can’t go wrong.

Have you tried being outdoor lately? What did you wear? Would you like to share you experience in the comment section below?

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Essential Tools for Running a Farm Park

Owning and running a farm park is an incredible opportunity for anyone with a background in farming or livestock, especially when you can help teach kids about the land and the animals and see the joy and fascination that it brings them. However, it’s not always smooth sailing. Like any other type of farm or rural property, the upkeep is constant, and there’s always something new to deal with.

Over the years, as I have dealt with various issues, whether it be storm damage, clearing new land, or simply checking up on our animals, I’ve begun to stockpile a variety of different items that I have begun to rely on for much of the maintenance I do. Most of these are fairly obvious items that would likely be found on any property, but there are a few unexpected things that I noticed have really gone a long way for me, so I would like to share some of these with you.

  1. A Good Ax – I want to emphasize the word “good” here. I’m constantly clearing little spots of land and chopping lumber for various purposes. I had a fairly decent ax that I tried to sharpen regularly, and it served its purpose, but when the handle started to crack along its length I figured it would be worth investing in a completely new ax that would last me a while. This was probably one of the best recent acquisitions to my tool shed. I didn’t realize how much grip comfort and weight mattered, and man, do they ever make them sharp these days. I’m sure it has saved my back more than once. For those who don’t need anything too heavy-duty, there are many different shorter and lightweight axes out there now, so I highly suggest you consider this option as well!
  2. Fertilizer and Grass Sead Spreader – I already had a large-scale spreader from my previous property, but one thing I didn’t account for with the farm park was the constant need to re-seed and fertilize narrow lengths of grass from all the people who have come to visit and stroll between pens and barns. Doing this by hand is pretty inefficient, but conversely, the spreader I already had was way too big to warrant using it for this application. So I went out and got a smaller spreader, just a simple common one that many people in the city or suburbs may also own. It was cheap, takes up very little space, and allows me to maintain smaller patches of grass with ease.
  3. Durable Flashlight – having a durable flashlight to keep in the tool shed, barn, or other area that might be a little more exposed to the elements has also been a nice touch. I used to have a pretty standard flashlight that I kept in the house, and whenever I need to go outside to check up on something in the night I would bring it with me. Sounds pretty standard, right? Well, the problem was that I would often misplace it, or if it was raining and I had it outside for a long period of time, it would eventually leak and break down over time. A buddy of mine got me a heavy-duty LED flashlight as a gift once, and I thought it seemed pretty cool, but not overly necessary. Turns out this is a great thing for me to keep in the shed. It’s completely waterproof, highly durable (I would bet money that I could run it over with my truck), seems resistant to any fluctuations in temperature, is very bright, and can go almost forever without needing a change in batteries. So while it’s not completely essential, I’ve noticed it’s been highly convenient for me.
  4. Spare Tarps of Different Sizes – Having come from the Pacific Northwest, tarps were like duct tape for me. Temporary solutions for leaks, or constantly having to cover up piles of new dirt or manure, I’ve come to be pretty reliant on tarps. I’ve always benefited from having at least a few different sizes, both for covering things, patchworking leaks, or using as a mat for temporarily placing items or setting up a stand for the park, not having to constantly run out and get new stuff last minute is a nice feeling.

More to Come Later

Well, that’s about enough for now. To many, these may be pretty obvious solutions to minor problems, but if you’re able to think ahead and stock up on some things you know you will need, you can save yourself a lot of hassle down the road. For me, I now get to focus more of my energy on teaching the kids and their families about the land and animals in this beautiful country, which is my true passion.

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Helping Kids Connect With Animals

Helping Kids Connect With Animals

The idea of nurturing children’s to love animals has turned to be an issue of concern more so within states likes Wales where farm parks has been set up to enhance children-animal relationship. This article begins by honoring the biological connection facts between animals and human beings. There exists a charming experience behind just viewing animals. Folks who have ever worked with children understand better how children are drawn by different animal species. That definitely proves the overwhelming interest of children on animals. The innate interest with human beings to care and nurture animals is biological. So how can you help your child connect with animals and nature?

Building the Connection

Just like children bond with household pets as well as classroom pets, wild animals also tend to spark a life time love in children. In Wales, farm parks like Cefn Mably, Foel as well as Cardigan Island coastal Farm parks have been established to nurture the extra-special interest of children on wild animals. Taking children to such sites where they meet different types of wildlife help children open up. In most cases, seeing wild animals turn to be treasured memories for children. There are unique characteristics that animals possess including but not limited to making different home, eating weird foods like bugs, have special powers like flying among other things.  Here is a video showing how kids connect with animals.

Visiting a Farm Park

Giving children the opportunity to visit a farm park brings in a feeling of being lucky. When children enter to a wooded park or a schoolyard where the idea of wild sighting is encouraged, children develop the innate love for animals. Research proves that children supported in nurturing animal love primarily extend the love to the surrounding living things including human beings. Just like children transfer animal love to other living things, caring character is also practiced confirming connection as well as stewardship. Providing early education and care to children is a prime opportunity to facilitate animal connection with children. That can be made practical by venturing outside more often, encouraging quiet observation of animals by children and encouraging children to think of being the animal being viewed.

Creating Empathy

Supporting children in the journey of awareness and loving animals creates a feeling of empathy in children. A good children-animal relationship enhances a positive classroom relationship as well as proper social-emotional development. Children experiences with animals help children learn about diversities and similarities found within the wildlife like shelter, food, as well as space. That encourages compassion and empathy among children. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure children’s innate love feeling for animals is nurtured.

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What Your Kids Can Learn at a Farm Park

What Your Kids Can Learn at a Farm Park

If you are planning to go for an outing with your family and want to enjoy your time then consider visiting a farm park. Moreover, it is an ideal destination for your kids to get more knowledge about the rural and farming techniques.

Advantages Of Visiting A Farm Park

  • A farm park is ideal for children as you can learn while you enjoy.
  • Your child would not learn as many things in the classroom as he would learn by visiting a farm park and seeing animals firsthand.
  • Apart from learning about various farming and rural techniques your kid would also learn about several other activities such as how to build a team and work in a team.
  • You can also visit zoos or various theme parks alongside the farm park and make your complete day or holidays filled with more fun and frolic.
  • You could go fishing and teach your child how to fish. Find the different type of fishing reels that are good for your child so that fishing will be easier for them.
  • The overall atmosphere of a farm park is very relaxing and your kids can indulge into bonding with the animals.

How To Make Your Outing More Special By Visiting A Farm Park?

  • Visiting a farm park can be a great experience as many adventurous activities are planned for your kids such as horse riding and wagon activities.
  • These activities not only test your physical strength but also instill a strong spirit of team building and bonding.
  • There are many learning related activities that are quite interesting, and kids love to get into such activities such as using recycled materials in the garden.
  • As the trailer or wagon rides are free of cost you do not need to worry about the fuel expenses or other charges. You just have to enjoy with complete peace of mind.
  • After the complete day’s tour, your children will return home completely satisfied and relaxed.
  • If you think that the weather could play the spoilsport you can indulge in various indoor activities that are planned in the farm park, such as visiting the animals in their barns.
  • As there are many farm animals in the farm park your kids would love to see them live because till now they have seen them in their books.
  • Moreover it feels great when you feed these lovely animals with your hands and watching your kids doing the same can be a lovely experience.
  • Many games can be played such as pig race, sack race or potato race and after the activities you can eat gorgeous snacks and have lovely drinks at the in-house restaurants to recharge you.

In order to visit such farm parks all you need to search for them over the internet as there are many good choices that are available and entire information about the park is available on company’s web site.

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